Route it Out – Planing a Journey Cross Country w/ Pets

Greetings from the LaFrances,


We’re very pet friendly family. Our two little pups fall into the Italian Greyhound mix and are an integral part of our family. We take them wherever we go; BUT going with dogs isn’t always easy, so I wanted to share a couple of tricks on how I plotted our traveling adventures.

It all starts with a plan. I used to lay out my route, but not just regular google maps. I used My Maps from Google which has fantastic features for detailed map making and trip routing. You’ll need a google login ID to use My Maps but it’s all FREE.

Here’s a resent map I put together for our Family trip West:

Our little dogs are well trained and very comfortable in the crate while we drive but we won’t go for more than 2 hours without a walk. Most Interstates have service areas that you can pull off at let the pups out on leash, but for the most stress free pet vacation we need to let our dogs run and that requires finding dog parks along the way.

I used to plan out which rest stops have pet runs. It’s great for picking a state and a route and showing you all the most pet friendly rest stops along the way. They also have info on the best pet friendly State Parks. This is a member driven website and updated fairly regularly.

Driving is 1/2 the adventure and finding places to stay that are pet friendly is its own little challenge. My family is a camping family but once it gets colder, camping is not ideal. Luckily is online and an easy choice for finding hotels that cater to our furry friends.

I’ll be sharing as we travel, so check back for updates and picts of pets on the road. Please comment with your own pet travel suggestions.




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