Maine Escape – Tiny House Project

Tiny House is a trending and popular subject right now. There are TV shows and websites dedicated to these marvels of miniaturization. For most, Tiny Houses conjure up images of: simple living; being off-the-grid; portability; and affordability. For me the heart of this movement is just plain efficient living, not having more than you need, and being comfortable with yourself and your surroundings.

This Summer the CS:C Team will be undertaking the design and management of tiny buildout in scenic Maine. We’ve already started the design process and I’m putting up this blog up to let you know about this exciting project. We’re going to document our process and journey this Summer and take a little time to put it all together and show you how we tackle a job.

Hopefully by seeing how it done you’ll get some ideas and some confidence on tackling your next DIY project. From Shutters to Steampunk Desks and Kitchens to Bathrooms, the only thing keeping you from getting it done is a little knowledge and creativity. DIY projects don’t have to break the bank. They just have to have take some time and have a good solid plan.

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