Maine Escape DAY 24 – Holes and Doors

Maine Escape DAY 24 Holes and Doors

DAY 24 – Holes and Doors

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape I got down and dirty with the shower, lining up the shower pan and insulating and framing in the exterior wall.

CLOSURE – Maine Escape

Now that the shower pan is measure out the entire shower/toilet room can be framed in. There is a lot of fancy framing that needs to go into the ceiling in order to make accommodations for the utilities and support joists.


JUST VENTING – Maine Escape

No shower is complete without a vent fan. We’re in the basement and already have to make amends for high humidity. The vent fan we’re installing will have a heater and exhaust fan. The exhaust fan requires a 4 inch pipe and the only place to put it is over the window. This is a difficult bore that takes almost 2 hrs to get through the sill board of the house. It’s almost a foot thick.


DOORS – Maine Escape

Today, I have Big Lou onsite and helping out. We separated the pre-hung doors from their frames and made some cuts to allow them to fit in the non-standard openings.



The stair knee wall was finished and has gotten a couple coats of clear polyacrylic to build up the durability. In particular, the railing is going to get a lot of handling, so I recommend at least 3 coats, sanding in between applications.


PUNCH LIST – Maine Escape

Liz doesn’t like being on camera but she’s toiling away with the punch list and built a pair of shelves in the basement along with adding some hooks behind the door.


LIVE/WORK – Maine Escape

The work site is where we are living and this project is a family affair. Aiden and Liz are here. The dogs are here. I couldn’t handle this compressed of a build out without their support. More importantly, they know how to give me pause, during the day, and help me stop to pick up a toad 🙂


TOUR – Maine Escape

Here’s a video tour of what’s been done so far.


NEXT TIME – Maine Escape

Tomorrow at the Maine Escape, the plumbing for the shower and toilet goes in, Trix sits on a ledge, Plasterboard comes in, and I go out to eat.

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