Maine Escape DAY 22 – Boxing Day

Maine Escape DAY 22 - Boxing Day

DAY 22 – Boxing Day

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

Yesterday at the Maine Escape I carved up a basement stair railing while our great new helpers Walter “Rusty” Rowe and Dawn Casey-Rowe got started on the landscaping.

CUBBIES – Maine Escape

The steps are done and they occupy a great deal of wanted space in the tiny basement. There will be a door to get under the stairs and give access to the well pump for service. On the downside of the stairs at the wind in, there is the perfect area for some cubbies. I built these out of undercut v-groove pine from the cladding.



With the railing built and the cubbies in, it’s time to finish the landing with cladding.


Now that the outer wall is finished I can finish and cap the inner wall and then seal the railing with polyacrylic.



There is a pesky (but necessary) buttress by the door that supports the wall and narrows the entry way. It needs to be clad with pine to blend in but I don’t want to frame it like the walls because that will only make it bigger. My solution was to glue on the v-groove pine boards directly to the concrete blocks.



While I got tied up on finishing the stairs Liz worked with Rusy & Dawn to install a hand railing down the porch side of the hill. The Maine Escape is a retirement home so we’re making it as age friendly as possible. I don’t have any photos today of their work but after soaking my sore dogs in the pond with a mistaken PBR, I received a wonderful home-brew from Dawn and a terrific selfie opportunity.


NEXT TIME – Maine Escape

Tomorrow at the Maine Escape, I get left to my own devices and jump into the shower.

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