Maine Escape DAY 0.9 – Crunch Time

Maine Escape DAY 0.9 - Time Crunch

DAY 0.9 – Crunch Time

PREVIOUSLY – Maine Escape

It’s crunch time! There is one month left before we head to the Maine Escape and manage the bulk of the renovation project. It’s been 4 months so far in blog-time since we signed on to this project and began the design and management of this fantastic tiny renovation. We’ll have 49 days onsite to complete the renovation and all the items on the owner’s wishlist. There are certainly more items than days in our schedule and this last month is project prep and the schedule and management of 2 early-bird jobs that’ll need to be completed before we arrive.

EARLY-BIRDS – Maine Escape

There are two jobs that were scheduled to be completed before we arrive.

  1. Pour concrete floor to the Barn
  2. Weatherize the Porch

These are fairly straight forward jobs that we needed to have complete before we arrive in order to be able to stay on schedule.

STORAGE WARS – Maine Escape

Storage has been in the forefront of the Main Escape renovation design. It’s a small space with only 1 closet (in the kitchen) in the whole house. We’ve designed a closet to go upstairs in the bedroom for clothes and a wardrobe to go on the porch for coats and hats. This all the room we have for enclosed storage and it’s not enough. I’ve mentioned elevated horizontal surfaces being a great storage solution. These are going to be design additions as built-in shelves and ledges and tables to add nooks and crannies where everyday items can be placed and organized. It’s a small space and finding perfectly fitting furniture is a challenge. By making the most of, built-in elevated surfaces we’ll be optimizing normally dead space and turning it into a storage solution.

PREP WORK – Maine Escape

Wooden Planks

In order to get the right lengths and widths and also match the existing decor, I had to make my own wooden planks for the shelves. This was going to be a bit time-consuming, so I decided to pre-make and finish them in Raton in order to keep as much time as possible in the build-out schedule.

To match the existing pine decor I chose to use common 2×4 pine framing boards. I will biscuit, glue, and join them together to make the needed shelf dimensions. Below is the excel spreadsheet I created to figure out the linear feet of 2x4x10 I’d need to make all the shelves and what my cut lists would need to be.

Maine Escape DAY 0.9 - Time Crunch
Shelf cut sheet

Wooden Planks



The wardrobe follows the same style and design of the shelves. I’ll also build the panel for this before hand and ship them to the Maine Escape. This piece is meant to feel like a standalone wardrobe but will actually anchor into the floor and wall creating a solid closet space without having to build a false wall.

Maine Escape DAY 0.9 - Time Crunch
Wardrobe Dimensions
Maine Escape DAY 0.9 - Time Crunch
Wardrobe Cut List

Wardrobe Panels


HANDYMAN – Maine Escape

Every project needs a Handyman to jump in the gaps that always appear between the different jobs. Contractors are usually very specialized in what they do and manage to do it great but there are always gray areas between where one job stops and the next picks up that require someone with a bit more diversity to complete. As an example, we’ll be installing a number of new appliances that will require a propane conversion kit. These kits have been ordered and installing them is a matter of following the directions. This isn’t necessarily a job for the plumber who is usually tasked with running the gas lines. It’s a job best suited to a Handyman. I’ll be assuming this role onsite as well as the foreman. Sometimes the biggest help can be holding the other end of the board.

PACKING – Maine Escape

I always go into a project with tools. The worst thing that can happen onsite is for everything to stop because you don’t have the right tool for the job. I won’t need U’ee The Tinker Truck on this job. I’ll just be taking the extra tools I’ll need plus the Wooden Planks and Wardrobe Panels with me. The pack is a bit tight, but Tinny our travel trailer manages just fine.

Wrapped for Shipping

Inside U'ee

Travel Trailer

Shipping Planks

Tinny Full


NEXT STOP – Maine Escape

This is the last blog before we get onsite and put all our planning into action. We’ve got a solid, tight schedule to manage the remaining list of projects. Stay tuned as the next blog is DAY 1.0 at the Maine Escape.

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