Maine Escape DAY 0.7 – Materials and Timeframes

Maine Escape DAY 0.7 - Materials and Timeframes

DAY 0.7 – Materials and Timeframes

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We made a lot of lists last time to sort out the tasks at hand and assign them to their respective contractors. Now the time comes to put together our materials list to be ordered and establish working timeframes for each job so we can coordinate the work and make sure nobody is tripping over anyone else at the Maine Escape.

MATERIALS – Maine Escape

In most construction projects materials costs should be a least half of your budget. Unless you are dealing with a labor intensive task such as tiling, expect to get a quote that splits the budget almost evenly between materials and labor. One great tool to manage your materials costs is from the Home Depot. It’s the Professional Contractors Services. Anyone with an established business can create an account and will have access to online ordering through the My Lists web app. This is what I’ll use to organize and budget most of the Maine Escape materials.

Maine Escape DAY 0.7 - Materials and Timeframes
Home Depot – My Lists

What I like most about the Home Depot is their financing options. A contractor can sign-up and create a List for a project. They then have the ability to hand this list off to the homeowner to manage direct payment through Home Depot Financing. In this way, the contractor doesn’t have to front the bill for Materials costs and the homeowner can take advantage of Special Financing Offers such as 0% interest for 6 months or 10% off of 1st purchase. Depending on the size of the project this can amount to a great deal of savings.

My List – Maine Escape Basement example

The following is the collection of all the Materials needed for the Maine Escape Basement renovation.

Totaling 647 items at $9,364.43, this materials list is just one of the six I organized per area. My Lists can also be shared with anyone you want and specified individuals can be given editing permissions so contractors can add and remove items themselves. Changes happen immediately and everyone can stay on the same page as to budget and materials lists. This was truly a great way to manage materials ordering from afar. Thanks Home Depot!

TIMEFRAMES – Maine Escape

Planning how long each component of a renovation will take is a complex task. Every component takes time and has dependencies. If something isn’t completed on schedule it can delay everything. There is no formula for estimating how much time something will take. It all comes down to experience on the part of the professionals you hire. Liz & I got a lot of feedback regarding time on each project and put together a spitball estimate.

June 14 is the first day on site Aug 2 is last day on site (Total of 49 days on site)

  • Preparation, Setup, and Receiving Material Deliveries (3-5 Days)
  • Basement (21-25 Days)
  • 1st floor – Kitchen (3-4 Days)
  • 1st floor – Dining Room (8-10 Days)
  • 1st floor – Sun Room (3-4 Days)
  • 2nd floor (5 Days)
  • Clean Up and Wrap Up All Projects (3-5 Days)
  • Barn (3-5 Days)
  • Other (3-5 Days)

TOTAL estimate of 70 Days of work

Now… how do we fit 70 days of work into 49 days … Challenge Accepted!

Next blog we put together and send out a Budget and an Onsite Calendar.

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