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Steampunk Computer Desk
Steampunk Computer Desk – DIY Instructional

When you're on the hunt for a new computer desk there are many options to choose from; but what if your… Read More

Maine Escape DAY 0.1
Maine Escape DAY 0.1 – Gathering More Info

DAY 0.1 - Gathering More Info PREVIOUSLY - Maine Escape With only a 2 month window to be onsite for renovations and over 2,000… Read More

Maine Escape - Day 0.0
Maine Escape DAY 0.0 – Background and Project Layout

DAY 0.0 - Background and Project Layout BACKGROUND - Maine Escape My wife (Liz) and I make our living bringing ideas… Read More

Hiking in Northeast New Mexico - Clear Creek Hiking Trail at Cimarron Canyon State Park
Hiking in northeast New Mexico – Clear Creek Hiking Trail at Cimarron Canyon State Park

My family and I recently moved from Providence, RI to Raton, NM and we're getting used to the GREAT outdoors.… Read More

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